The insignia of the National Leadership Society of First Generation College Students, a.k.a. FirstGen Society, is its official seal. Within the seal includes the various following symbols.

The golden shield

Represents a mark of achievement


The olive leaves

Symbolize wisdom, friendship, and victory


The 2 diplomas

Represent academic transition and achievement


The roots

Represent the foundation first generation college students will build


The tree trunk and branches

Represents strength and growth

Alpha Gamma Omicron

Represents FirstGen Society, which is explained in more detail in the Greek Letters section

The globe

Represents connecting and networking


The torch

Symbolizes enlightenment and hope


The pointing hand at the graduation cap

Represents upward mobility, academic reach, and being the first in one's family to go to college; It also serves as our mascot and hand signal, called "First Up"


The steps

Symbolize progress of one's collegiate journey towards reaching academic achievement


The red phoenix torch

Signifies knowledge, inspiration, and ultimately transformation - the milestone of achieving and holding a bachelor's degree, therefore, becoming a college graduate


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