The primary colors of FirstGen Society are cyan and gold with a splash of red.

Cyan and gold are used both within the official seal and membership logo and badge, while red is used within the seal.


Symbolizes calmness, balance, rationality, and intelligence. It is a main color of FirstGen Society. Cyan (a.k.a. Cyan CMYKis also known to transmit the energy that belongs to yellow. Thus, it comes with an energy that is uplifting. 



Represents fellowship. It also symbolizes success and prosperity. Gold is optimistic, uplifting and enlightening and inspires us and gives us confidence to reach our potential. Gold is associated with wisdom, achievement, compassion, and generosity as well. It is also a main color of FirstGen Society. 


Hint of Red

Though red is a minor and supplementary use of color of FirstGen Society, it signifies courage, passion, energy, victory, and strength. Red radiates a strong and powerful energy that motivates us to take action.


Space Cadet Blue





The shade of blue called, "space cadet blue"
 is not a color used within the FirstGen Society seal or logos, however, it is often used as a background or complimentary color to balance the use of the seal or logo. This color can be found in our FirstGen Society marketing material and website. 


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